Q: Is Tasmania part of Australia?

A: Tasmania is a state of Australia. It was the second colony founded by British settlers and settled as a penal settlement in 1803.

Q: How big is Tasmania?

A: Tasmania is 68401 sq km. It is about the same size as Belgium and The Netherlands combined.

Q: What currency is used in Tasmania?

A: The Australian Dollar ($A) is the currency used in Tasmania.

Q: Is Tasmania always cold?

A: Tasmania is not always cold. In summer/warmer months (December – March) it can be deceptively hot and the sun can burn your skin quicker than in other parts of Australia.

Q: Are all the snakes poisonous?

A: All three species of snake in Tasmania are poisonous. They are not aggressive and would rather avoid humans, but if you accidentally tread on one, they will most likely bite. Antivenin is available for all three.

Q: Can I see Tasmania in 3 days?

A: Superman might be able to, but for us mere mortals it is simply not possible. Tasmania is larger than it seems, and the roads are not always direct to your destination of choice. Take your time to explore Tasmania.

Q: Will I see an Aurora Australis in Tasmania?

A: Although Tasmania is arguably the best place to view an Aurora Australis outside of the Antarctic, it all depends. No one knows when an aurora will occur, and if does it may not be able to be seen due to daylight, clouds, fluorescent light or looking the wrong way.

Q: What is the mobile (cell) phone coverage like in Tasmania?

A: Outside of urban areas it can be inconsistent. Telstra is the best network for coverage. Optus is improving its network coverage, while Vodafone is ordinary outside of the major cities. Do not expect any coverage in remote areas.

Q: Do I need a car to get around Tasmania?

A: A car is the ideal mode of transport to travel around Tasmania. There are quality bus tours that will take you to most tourist attractions.