Goodness, gracious, golly-gee, that escalated quickly! How are you going? I hope you, your friends and family are healthy and safe from COVID-19 implications as best as you can be given your location.

I’ve been unproductive and absent from writing and exploring Tasmania for a few reasons, namely COVID-19 and the lockdown. I’ve kept busy with a new university course (getting my science on) and a few bouts of sickness, including a couple of uncomfortable COVID-19 tests (negative results) in which my nostrils got assaulted resulting in three weeks of nose bleeds. Fun it was not. Lawsuit is pending. Like some, I also worked from home in my other life, which helped suck a lot of the comfort that being “home” once provided.

Now it’s near the end of August and all best laid plans for 2020 have essentially been shelved, scrapped, ripped up, destroyed. Major sporting events and festivals have been canned, as have tours by many of our favourite musical artists, and the new Bond movie has been delayed release since forever.

In Australia, it looks like we are not going too far too soon. Right now, I should be in Iceland, adventuring around the Ring Road and the majestic and otherworldly sights of the highland interior. Sadly, international travel is done and dusted for us in 2020 unless you can slip someone $10,000.

Make Yourself at Home

Positives out of negatives and all that, it presents Tasmanians’ time to do some adventuring in Tassie’s playground. Like a beautiful butterfly Tasmania has begun emerging from its COVID-19 cocoon into Tasmanian spring time. Tourism Tasmania is calling the opportunity “make yourself at home”.

Did you watch the vid? What did you think of it?

The Doorstep Mile

Now to be bold enough to go out past your front doorstep… Did you know the Norwegians have a saying for this? Dørstokkmila, which roughly means the first mile is the hardest.

So get to it… Put your fave black puffer jacket on (yes, black, if you don’t have one choose Macpac – don’t argue, it is the way), plonk on a beanie, maybe some gloves, your best walking boots and get out and do! If what you want to do requires booking please book direct!

Tassie Tourism Industry Needs Us

The tourism industry has been severely damaged by the COVID-19 and the consequent travel restrictions. This is especially the case for small and micro business that make up much of the tourism industry. Tassie thrives and relies on its interstate and international visitors. All the festivals worth their salt have been cancelled or been forced into an online ghost of themselves. Even Tasmanian Whisky Week. Sad face. We can’t even get our weird on, with Mona closed until October. In reality though, intrastate tourism won’t make much of a dent long term but every little bit will help.

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein last week announced that Tassie will likely be keeping the proverbial drawbridge raised and portcullis slammed shut until December in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria and to as lesser extent New South Wales. Huge bummer that. 

I am unsure as to why restrictions have been continued on the COVID-19 free states though. This does seem extremely detrimental to the aforementioned tourism industry that desperately needs visitors. Risk management is exactly that, managing risk. In my opinion, this is putting fingers in your ears from the Tasmanian Premier.

Sidenote: You may have caught the news where Queensland Deputy Premier opened his mouth about why would Queenslanders want to come to Tassie. Never go full retard mate. Social media pounded him for a few days with some tip top images of Tasmanian destinations and experiences. Staple that to ya face! Hahaha.

There is an Abundance of Things To Do

We’ve got to do our best to help rebuild the realm on our own. As a kickstarter, here is some suggestions and refreshers on places and activities you may have missed or that may have faded out of memory within our own backyard:

Devastated by bushfire a few years ago, and then shutdown by COVID-19 restrictions just as it was reopening Tahune Adventures finally reopened on July 4 just in time for school holidays – Go and see the new life and take an adventurous day trip down Geeveston way.

How long has it been since you checked out the Painted Cliffs and the Fossil Cliffs on Maria Island…?

From September, strap on your helmet and get on a mountain bike tour for a quality long-weekender and ride from Derby to St Helens… when the full trail reopens after winter hiatus.

Drive the north west coast to Stanley and climb The Nut…

Take a train ride Back to the Future-style into Tasmania’s past…

Descend the world’s height commercial abseil at Gordon Dam…

The home of the world largest commercial abseil
Gordon Dam: The home of the world’s largest commercial abseil

Head to the Tasman Peninsula for some convict history with decent sized entry discounts to all the sites around the state too.

Have you ever even seen the monstrous coastal cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula from the sea? Take a cruise and crane your neck a long way upward to find out for yourself…

Walk the “Third Cape”, Cape Raoul. Its track has been brought up to “Three Capes” standard and it wants some love…

Cape Raoul The Third Cape
The “Third Cape”, Cape Raoul on the Tasman Peninsula

Hell, maybe Lady Aurora may pay us a long, long overdue visit…

Go and see a waterfall you haven’t visited before…

Philosopher Falls pic
Philosopher Falls can be found near Waratah in north west Tassie

Hit the River Derwent in a kayak on the lookout for platypus or take up stand up boarding… Yeah the water will be cold, but what have you got to lose?

Bar the odd mainland COVID escapee, TASSIE IS ALL OURS! Let’s make the most of it!

What experience in Tassie’s playground are you looking forward to? Do you want to do something new or go with an old fave?

It is good to be back.

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