It’s alive!

It’s alive!

December 29, 2017 0 By AJ

...Like Frankenstein's Monster, we are alive!

Welcome to Escape Valve. My brand-spanking-new-umbilical-chord-still-attached website and blog about Tasmania.

My name is AJ, and I will be your genial host. Please come in, take your shoes off, and I'll pour you a cold Cascade pale ale beer, or a fruity Josef Chromy wine, or even a world class Sullivan's Cove whisky, and you just be sure to make yourself at home.

Hopefully you've found yourself here at because you are looking to experience the joys and amazement that is Tasmania? Maybe social media crumbs led down the yellow brick road (I love a mixed metaphor)? Perhaps everyone's friend Google sprung a surprise on you? Maybe a friend whispered "Escape Valve" (like "Shire...Baggins...") into your ear? Or rather, and probably most likely, a dose of good fortune?

If neither of these scenarios apply, please, please don't leave, take a look around.

Again, welcome to Escape Valve.