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Hello folks, are you visiting Tasmania in August? Well done you brave soul. I like you already. So whatya gunna do? If you’re in any way unsure, I’m going to remedy that. 5 Cool Things in August 2018 Here are 5 cool things you can do to get the most of the month of August. 1. The Three Capes Track The first of the “5 Cool Things” is The Three Capes Track located on Tassie’s Tasman Peninsula in the south-east of the island. Bushwalking in Tasmania in deep winter? Are you effing crazy? Well, yes and hell yes! Not only do you…

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Hobart Town got dark. Dark Mofo came. Dark Mofo conquered. And like Keyser Soze, it was gone. For the sixth year, early to mid June was a brilliant time to be in Hobart Town. The Town got painted red, and dressed in black, for Dark Mofo was ‘ere. Hobart now delays its inevitable (but way over hyped) hibernation from the cold (it’s not “cold-cold” to begin with!), to celebrate the dark, the light, the cold, the fire, the loud, the quiet, the buried and the risen. Amidst all the dark and cold, light and fire, there is feasting. Plenty of feasting.…

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