Salamanca Market

Hobart’s Salamanca Market Salamanca Market operates every Saturday from 8.30 – 3.00 (some stalls start closing from 2pm) every Saturday of the year, unless it falls on Christmas Day. It’s been doing this since 1972. These days Salamanca Market is a multicultural affair. Just about as multicultural as Hobart gets. The dry hum of activity exhumes from the market as I approach. The peasants are in a mix of attire, many fearing the grey Gods above, others are expecting Hobart’s sun to make a random 30-degree appearance. Entering at the high point at the Davey Street / Salamanca Place…

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The Female Factory, circa 1900.

  The story of the Cascades Female Factory is one that I was not really aware of. It operated between 1828-1856 and housed most of the 12000+ women who were transported to Van Diemen’s Land from the British Isles and Ireland. It is Australia’s most significant site associated with female convicts. Due to the shame Hobart residence felt toward the prison, convicts and their history, when the last government institution at the site closed in 1905, the site was sold and largely deconstructed. Three of the five yards have been reacquired and reconstructed or refurbished to form the Heritage…

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Mawson's Replica Hut

Mawson’s Huts Mawson’s Huts are located at Cape Denison in Antarctica. They were constructed in 1912 as part of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) and have survived the most brutal weather conditions on the planet. The Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum is in Hobart and offers a fascinating insight in to the lives of the brave men who forged Australia’s exploration of the the great white continent. Today, Hobart is Australia’s gateway for Antarctic scientific research and exploration. Australia’s Antarctic Division is based in Hobart. It may come as a surprise that Hobart is closer to the equator than it…

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Cascade Brewery

The Brewery Tour at the Cascade Brewery, in South Hobart, begins at the Cascade Visitors Centre, with Denver introducing himself as our guide for this afternoon’s tour. I put on the required health and safety attire, goggles and a beautiful fluorescent yellow hi-vis jacket, listening and agreeing to the occupational health and safety talk given by the guide. I am about to enter an operational brewery. Channeling my inner Homer Simpson, “Mmm…beer”. Denver, speaking enthusiastically and quickly, is running through the early history of the brewery, checking point by point off his fingers. He begins with Peter Degraves raising…

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Come Out and Play

…Like Frankenstein’s Monster, we are alive! Welcome to Escape Valve. My brand-spanking-new-umbilical-chord-still-attached website and blog about Tasmania. My name is AJ, and I will be your genial host. Please come in, take your shoes off, and I’ll pour you a cold Cascade pale ale beer, or a fruity Josef Chromy wine, or even a world class Sullivan’s Cove whisky, and you just be sure to make yourself at home. Hopefully you’ve found yourself here at escapevalve.com.au because you are looking to experience the joys and amazement that is Tasmania? Maybe social media crumbs led down the yellow brick road…

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