Going Outdoors for an Adventure

Going Outdoors for an Adventure

Going outdoors for an adventure, no matter how small, is not always achievable for many people. We are the fortunate one’s. We can choose to.

You like the idea of living adventurously but you seem to face an invisible barrier, a force field, stopping you from opening that door and taking a big step into the great outdoors. 

Cape Pillar Escape Valve
Taking one big step to the great outdoors at Cape Pillar.

Going back to my previous post, walking out the door to find adventure is not easy. It should be easy, but why isn’t it? I know of two barriers everybody faces in the 21st century: Time and money.

We exist in an overly busy world, and time is money.

The Time of Our Lives

When was the last time you noticed that you were not busy? 

There are only 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Time management is often associated with production at work. It certainly applies to everyday life too. There are so many things going on competing for our attention, and if we can manage it, our focus.

How you choose to spend your time is your choice. When you next get a spare moment, ask yourself, “Why do I choose to do those things?”

For most of us, each day our job consumes the best hours of our day. Family consumes a good portion or all of the other waking hours. Sleep necessitates 6-8 hours. That doesn’t leave much left over for anything else does it?

Where does your time go? 

Weekends? What are they you ask? Your weekends probably disappear in a snap of your fingers, and like that, it’s Monday again. All aboard the conveyor belt of life. Is that right?

One time waster may be in your hot little hand right now. How much time do you spend on your phone each day? 

Dreaming of an Adventurous Life?

Do any of the below feel familiar to you?

  • You dream of a more exciting life.
  • You need a new challenge.
  • You’re bored.
  • You want to do more with your time and your life but you are unsure as to how to begin.

If you want to add adventure in to your life, prioritise adventure time over other activities. Make time for adventure in the Tasmanian wilderness. This takes planning and a commitment to your plan.

Do you know about the rocks, pebble and sand life management theory? Watch the rocks and sand test.

It’s a time management concept, but the message is clear: Establish your priorities. If you choose to make an adventurous life a priority for you, you will have enough time. Add a rock called “Adventure” to your life.

Living Life Costs Money

Life is busy AF. Would you love to drop your work hours to have more time for yourself? Sounds sweet as, but that choice hits the backpocket and pulls at the purse strings. 

Going outdoors for an Adventure? Life is expensive Escape Valve
Living life is expensive

Sadly, without money, we don’t get very far. Living life has expenses. That’s why they’re called living expenses. Life is an expensive business. At the most simple level, money is needed to feed, house, educate and care for your family.

Getting into adventure can cost money too, however, adventures need not cost the Earth. Money should not be a barrier to you having fun adventures in Tasmania.

Goal For This Weekend: Going Outdoors for an Adventure

Opening your front door and go outdoors for an adventure.

Dream big, start small.

How about beginning with a walk? It may not sound too adventurous, but it is a start, and starting something new is what this is all about.

I suggest a 30 minute – 1 hour walk near your home. A time and distance you can manage.

Find of a reserve or a beach and walk with a friend, your partner, someone else’s partner, a hired actor.

You may prefer the company of your dog (or pet dragon). Find a dog (dragon) friendly track or beach and take your dear doggo (fire breathing lizard).

An idea for going outdoors: Walking your dragon Escape Valve
Take your dragon for a walk

By starting small we get better and gain confidence.

I can do this. You can do this. Repeat, repeat and repeat some more. 

Going outdoors for an adventure, no matter how small, is achievable.

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