Out Your Front Door

Out Your Front Door

I’m feeling shy right now. Like at my Grade 7 school social dance level shy.

Okay, so I’ve kind of been on an enforced hiatus. My health, namely asthma, has been messing with me and as a result I have been quite restricted these past few months. No outdoorsy action = no blog content.

The Great Outdoors

I’ve finally got to a point where I am feeling confident enough in myself to take on outdoor activities. It feels fan-bloody-tastic! With renewed confidence I feel i can write again too. Double win. My health and my outdoor activities are still a work in progress, but I am going to make the most of it.

I can tell you it has been very frustrating to be unable to be outside doing things I love over the Tassie summer. 

During my hiatus I did find brief windows of feel-good health combined with random bursts of determination. A day trip to Tahune Adventures in Geeveston was heaps cool. It was great to walk amongst the beginning of regrowth and rebuild after the 2019 bushfires down there.

Out your front door Tahune Adventures
Took a trip to Tahune Adventures and experienced the new Airwalk and walks around the site.

Also took a roadie up the northwest to check out King Solomon’s Cave, The Nut, Trowutta Arch and Cradle. That was a timely adventure too, I needed to scratch my travel and adventure itch.

Out your front door The Nut
A view from afar, but the important point is I walked to the top of The Nut. It is a steep, but relatively short hike.

Being temporarily unable, unwell and unwilling enough to step out my front door got me thinking if other people experience this type of hesitation in their lives too? Do you feel you get antsy when you can’t be outside trapesing the great outdoors? 

I recalled how I felt when I was recovering from open heart surgery back in early 2017, and I realised I am much more affected by being cooped up inside now than I was then. 

I remembered that feeling of nervous excitement when I made my first committed steps outside on the top of Mount Wellington in late April 2017. 

Half the battle is getting out your front door.

Getting Out Your Front Door

It wasn’t as though I hadn’t been outside or on Mt Wellington before, but being on the mountain walking down the Zig Zag track was the awakening that I desperately needed. Being outdoors was so much better for me than not. It was during this walk that I realised I want to be doing this as much as possible. I want to live a life of adventure. This is what had been missing. The feeling was so clear and obvious. I want my life to be filled with adventure!

What is “adventure”? 

Is it some life and death quest to save the world or the galaxy? Does it has to be dangerous or amazing? Or is it something that only happens to other people?

Dictionary says: an unusual and exciting or daring experience

AJ says: an outdoors activity defined by the doer

What do I mean by that? I think I’m trying to say that I consider adventure to be an attitude. It is like if you added a little salt on your life.

How would you choose to define adventure? 

Pre-Open Heart Surgery

Prior to my open heart surgery I was loping from week to week without a goal or a sense of purpose. I was existing. My weekends rolled in to the next working week. Monday’s always greeted me with a “sigh”, but what had I actually done on my weekend? The conveyor belt of life rolled on.

My view of adventure was limited to faraway places like Iceland, Norway, Egypt, South America or Nepal. Real adventure had to be a grand experience. As far as I was concerned, adventure wasn’t to be found in Tasmania.

Little did I know that to add adventure to my life, all I had to do was walk out my front door. I just needed to change my attitude, reprogram my brain to what adventure for me can be.

Adventure is what we make it. Adventure is what we can manage.

Is adding some adventure in to your life something that interests you? It is? GREAT!

Are you ready to walk out your front door with me? 

First though, I’m gonna get a cup of coffee.

Ok, ready? Just open your front door and go.

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