6 Tassie Summer Day Walks

6 Tassie Summer Day Walks

I have selected these 6 Tassie summer day walks as they are generally not the glamour walks that you’ll find on most tourism websites or blog itineraries.

Each of these are walks I plan to be doing over the next few months. I thought they’d be a good fit in your wheelhouse as well.

The tracks are appealing to me for a variety of reasons.

Cape Raoul for instance, is to complete the 3 Capes Track and to take in those monstrous coastal cliffs.

The Wineglass Bay and Hazards Circuit in Freycinet NP is a great opportunity to make more of day out at Wineglass Bay.

Being based in Hobart Town makes it easier to have most of these summer day walks in the South.

5 of the chosen Tassie day walks are in the South. The other is in the North west, in the Cradle Valley.

Let’s go!

6 Tassie Summer Day Walks

Cape Raoul

Escape Valve Raoul
See impressive coastal cliffs at Cape Raoul.

Region: Tasman Peninsula

Tasman NP

Distance of walk: 14km

Approx time: 5hrs

From Hobart: 115 km / 2 hrs drive

Cape Raoul is a freely accessed cape walk (you will need a parks pass though). It is the forgotten sister of the Three Capes (Hauy, Pillar and Raoul). It is not included as a walking section within Three Capes Track.

The Tasman Peninsula is home to the highest vertical coastal cliffs in the southern hemisphere.

The Cape Raoul track is a solid day walk with arguably the best views of all the capes.

To get a look from the water check out Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Tasman Island Cruises.

Hartz Peak

Region: Far South

Location: Hartz Mountains NP

Distance of walk: 8km

Approx time: 4hrs

From Hobart: 84 km / 2 hours drive including on unsealed road.

Head to the Far South via Geeveston. 

Clear skies are the requirement to see magnificent faraway places from Hartz Peak. You can even see Federation Peak! Federation Peak is Australia’s only real mountain according to Sir Edmund Hillary.

You can also sidetrack to Lake Esperance to double your fun.

Wineglass Bay & Hazards Circuit

escape valve wineglass
A walk to Wineglass Bay is a real Tassie summer experience.

Region: East coast

Location: Freycinet NP

Distance of walk: 11km

Approx time: 5hrs

From Hobart: 195 km from Hobart and roughly 3hrs drive. 

This walk is probably the most “summer” of the Tassie day walks I have listed.

Head up to Wineglass Bay Lookout, take a snap, then descend the steps to the pristine sands of Wineglass Bay. Have a dip in its waters, rest, sun bake on the beach, have a bite to eat along with some rehydration, before the trudge around the Hazards.

The return adds a little spice to the return Wineglass Bay Track journey.

Tarn Shelf Loop

Escape Valve Tarn Shelf
Tarn Shelf. Go Anti-Clockwise.

Region: Derwent Valley

Location: Mt Field NP

Distance of walk: 15.6km

Approx time: 6-7hrs

From Hobart: 87 km / 1.5hr drive including on unsealed road.

Walk the loop around the lakes and break off to cross the tarn shelf. Go anti-clockwise. Do not pay any heed to the clockwise advice. A tougher and longer alternative is to complete the full loop and head to Mt Field West. This, however includes rock hopping.

As the Tarn Shelf is regarded as one of the best full day walks in Australia it certainly belongs as a top Tassie Summer Day Walk list.

Ice House Track Loop

Region: Hobart 

Location: Mt Wellington 

Distance of walk: 9km

Approx time: 4hrs

From Hobart: 22 minutes’ drive up Mt Wellington to The Springs.

Go the reverse direction and slug it out up via the Ice House track first, rather than the suggested route. This way you get better views on the Zig Zag Track. It is all about the views!

Keep a very close eye out for the ruins of the “ice houses” just off the track.

What is an ice house? 

Ice houses were brick huts where wet hessian bags were stored to freeze. These bags were used as method of “keeping it cool” in the time before your Kelvinator.

The ruins can be difficult to see if you aren’t looking for them. 

If you find a map/route/track idea that includes the Smith’s Monument Track, ignore it immediately.

PS. Never do the Smith’s Monument walk on Mt Wellington. Never. The most pointless walk with the most disappointing monument, everrrrrrr. Sorry/not sorry Smith family.

Hanson’s Peak

Region: Cradle Valley

Location: Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair NP

Distance of walk: 4km

Approx time: 3.5hrs

From Hobart: A long drive.

The track provides a different perspective of Cradle and Dove Lake. Let everyone else go up Marion’s Lookout or walk around Dove Lake. Dare to be different!

Start at Dove Lake and follow the Face Track. There are some steep aspects to the track similar to the Marion’s Lookout Track.

Not a walk to be undertaken in poor weather, so fits best as a Tassie summer day walk.

The Hanson’s Peak walk at Cradle Mountain is apparently a reasonably easy 3-3.5 hour return walk, but remember weather in the area can be extremely changeable. It might even snow.

Escape Valve Hanson
Cradle Mountain: A different perspective.

Hopefully there is some inspiration or at the very least some ideas to get you on the bushwalking tracks over the summer months.

Enjoy your summer walking.

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