G’day Escapees, how YOU doin’?

Can I call you “Escapees”? It’s a bit wanky, but can you dig it?

Welcome to 2020 and summer time in Tasmania.

It would be amiss not to mention the devasting bushfires burning in Australia at the moment.

The scary thing is it’s only early January. The real height of summer is in front of us.

The firefighters are out there bravely doing what they do. We can only thank them and thank them again. 

2020 as we know it (that is what new the calendar says) has dawned upon us. Hopefully you’ve had a break (not if you are in or have been in fire ravaged areas, unfortunately) and are ready to rock n roll in 2020.

The theme at Escape Valve is going to follow on from the end of 2019 where Tassie was recognised as a top destination for adventure by National Geographic. I thought don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (is that still a saying?), and have written up a bunch of ways we can make ourselves live adventurously this year and beyond.

What is adventure? To me, adventure is anything that is a voluntary step outside my front door. It doesn’t have to be about embarking on a trip to Mordor.

What is living adventurously? Seeking out exciting, sometimes daring experiences and giving them a go!

Overcoming my inbuilt anxiety, endless procrastination and health issues is all part of my journey to live adventurously in this one shot at life that I have. Unlike being in the crowd at your favourite bands concert, we don’t get an encore.

Let’s get cracking!!!

7 Ways to Begin Living Adventurously

Start Small

Take baby steps. Before work or after work with local “microadventures”. Find a natural environment near your home or work and get out there in the morning or after work. Go for a walk or a bike ride with the goal of simply being outside and making it a habit.


Keep it Simple

Get your family, a bunch of friends or work colleagues and get your lungs and legs a work out in fresh air (fresh Tassie Air is even better)

Explore and discover. Take a day trip with a friend or someone you just met. Sometimes places closest to us are the places we neglect. 

Maximise your Weekends (long ones especially)

Be organised to go!

Leave early on Saturday (or leave on Friday afternoon/night) and use those precious hours  – don’t waste them – reclaim your weekend!


Map out the long weekends on your calendar, There are a number of long weekends in the summer time, beginning with the Australia Day long weekend.

If you can, take a flex day or leave day to make a weekend a long weekend!

Explore a region of Tasmania – perfect for a weekender!

Say “YES!” to Adventure

If a friend asks you to go an adventure with them say “YES!” and commit to it. Don’t cancel the morning of. Having someone to do an adventure with can be the difference between living adventurously or staying on your couch.


Be Spontaneous

Just do it! (thanks Nike). You never know where adventure might take you. If you give procrastination and life to be a roadblock you may not get out your front door.


Commit to an Adventure Goal

Do the training for an overnight or multi day bushwalk, make the booking for white water rafting trip, go to the surfing lesson, join a local club or group, or dust off your bike.

Set Yourself Outdoor Challenges

A goal or a challenge will get you living adventurously as you realise how much more life can offer.

Whether it’s a challenging bushwalk, five peaks to conquer, summer trail runs, that new mountain bike trail, whatever – write them in to your 2020 calendar and tick them off as you achieve your goals.


I’ve set myself the challenge to walk six day walks over summer plus do the Frenchmans Cap walk here in Tasmania.

Fun times!

Armed with those ideas you can begin to live adventurously as soon as you choose to.

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